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9. Which of the following investigative platforms, technologies and processes do you have access to?
Local accessAccess via referralNo accessI don't know
In-situ hybridisation
Polymerase chain reaction (PCR)-based techniques
One step nucleic acid amplification (OSNA)
Gene microarrays
Sanger sequencing
Next generation sequencing (gene panels/whole exome sequencing/whole genome sequencing/RNA sequencing)
Digital image analysis
*10. What percentage of the specimens that you receive are fresh?
*8. Who samples fresh tumour in your department?
*9. Which fixative is used in your department?
*10. Do you record the amount of time a sample spends in fixative?
*11. What is the maximum time of fixation (including time spent in the processor)?
*12. Are pathologists in your department trained to assess tumour content e.g. EQA member?
*13. In the histology/diagnostic report, is a block number suitable for molecular testing indicated?
*14. Does your department record cold ischemic time?
*15. What is the average cold ischemic time prior to sampling?
16. How are samples frozen?
17. Where are fresh frozen samples stored?
*19. Do you integrate molecular reports into the pathology report?
*20. Is your diagnostic archive a research tissue bank?
*21. To maximise network potential, wuld you be happy for CM-Path to share your email address on the CM-Path website for other departments to contact you?
If so, please specify an email address below (this could be a departmental email address rather than a personal email address).
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